The best way to collect addresses for birth announcements

Spiral makes it easy for you to collect addresses so you can send birth announcements to friends, family, and loved ones.

Use Spiral to collect addresses for your birth announcement

How it works

We give you a unique link

Copy your address collection link

Spiral will give you a unique link to your own address collection form

You send out the link to friends and family to collect addresses

Send the link out to friends and family

Email or text the link to loved ones to collect their addresses

They fill out your address collection form

They fill out their address

Friends and family easily add their address to your wedding address book

Use collected addresses for wedding invitations and save the dates

Use addresses to send birth announcement

Your address book can be easily exported or downloaded to be used to send birth announcements

Share a link to your personalized birth announcement address collection form​

Get your personalize link and share it with loved ones to collect their addresses. With Spiral Premium, you can even customize your address collection form with a personalized message and choose what information to collect, like birthday’s or even things like children’s names.

Share the link
Export your collected wedding addresses to other tools

Friends and family fill out your form

Your loved ones will share their address, name, and contact information with you. All they have to do is fill out an online form.

Instantly access addresses from your address book

As loved ones add their information, you will instantly have access to their addresses. You can access their addresses on our iPhone and Android apps to see contacts on your phone.

Having addresses makes sending birth announcements easier
Build the perfect list for your birth announcement​

Export collected addresses to send birth announcements

Addresses can be easily downloaded or exported to send your birth announcement. Below are some great suggestions on websites that work great with Spiral’s address book.

Here are some great wedding and invitation websites that work with Spiral:

Collecting addresses has never been simpler

The average couple spends hours asking friends and family for their updated addresses. Spiral takes less than 5 minutes.