The easiest way to collect addresses

An online address book to help you collect addresses for wedding invitations, save the dates, holiday cards, and any other invitation you want to send.

Spiral makes address collection easy

How it works

We give you a unique link

We give you a link

A unique link to your address collection form

You send out the link to friends and family to collect addresses

You send out the link

Email or text the link to your friends and loved ones

They fill out your address collection form

They fill out a form

They click it. and add their info into your address book!

Address collection has never been simpler

The average couple spends hours collecting addresses. Spiral takes less than 5 minutes.

FAQ on Address Book

You can add contacts to your online address book in any of these ways:

  • Send out your unique Spiral link and have your contacts fill in their own information for you
  • Import contacts from your phone using our iPhone and Android apps
  • Import a spreadsheet of contacts
  • Manually add new contacts

By using your personalized Spiral link, you can share your address request form with your loved ones. When they click on the link, they will be directed to a new page where they can provide their contact details. Once they submit the form, their information will automatically be added to your Spiral online address book, all thanks to the magic of technology!

Your friends and family will be directed to your customized Address Request form, tailored to your preferences. The fields displayed on the form will depend on your settings, which when you access your Address Request Form. With Spiral Premium, you have the flexibility to request various information such as their mailing address, birthday details, phone numbers, and even the names of their children. The possibilities are endless!

Yes, it is. We place a high value on your privacy and the privacy of your contacts. Rest assured that we will never use your information or that of your contacts for any other purpose besides updating your address book. Our top priority is to provide you with a secure platform where you can store your contact details without any worries. If you want to learn more about our privacy practices, please check out our Privacy Policy.