An online address book for family contacts

Spiral is the perfect tool for keeping you and your partner organized and connected in all aspects of your life. Whether you’re planning a wedding, sending birth announcements, or trying to keep track of important dates and information about people you care about, Spiral has got you covered.


Shared family contacts make life easier

How it works

Create mailing lists and share contacts with family

Spiral is the perfect tool for keeping you and your partner organized and connected in all aspects of your life. Our joint address book allows you to easily share contacts with one another, so you can stay in touch with all the important people in your family.

Share business contacts with your team
Keep your contacts updates automatically

Collect addresses and keep them updated

Simply share a link to a form to collect contact information and addresses effortlessly with Spiral. Spiral takes the heavy lifting out of keeping addresses updated by letting you easily ask your friends and family for updated information.

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Access addresses from anywhere

Download Spiral’s iOS and Android apps to use Spiral on the go. Need directions to your friends house? Look them up in Spiral then click on their address to open in your preferred Maps app!

Use our address book app for iPhone and Android​
Business contact management with the ease of a spreadsheet

Family contacts that feel like they're in a spreadsheet​

Use Spiral on desktop to manage your family contacts with the ease of a spreadsheet-like interface. Sort your contacts, resize columns, and create custom views.

Easily add contacts you already have

Already have contacts? You can get started by adding them from your phone or uploading a spreadsheet. We’ll help you identify any information you’re missing and help you collect it from others.

Import contacts from your phone, Google Sheets and other tools​

Create an address book to manage family contacts today!

It’s free to sign up. Try it today with you family.

When to use Spiral with your family

In this modern age, having contact information accessible is essential. From parents to homeowners and everyone in between, staying organized with doctor’s numbers, class rosters, neighborhood resources, and more can make life easier. To help you stay on top of it all, Spiral is a great app for categorizing contacts into lists and sharing them with a partner.

Shopping for gifts doesn’t need to be a stressful experience anymore. Spiral, a revolutionary Chrome Extension, makes it easier than ever! Just one click and your contact and address details are automatically pulled from your address book or contact list—no more manual input of addresses each time you shop. Now it’s easier than ever to get the perfect gifts on-time without any hassle.

Planning an event can be a hassle, but Spiral makes it easier. You can quickly share a link with your guests and let them fill out their own information. Plus, if you’re collaborating with a partner, you can both work on the guestlist together. Say goodbye to the days of manually collecting addresses and hello to a stress-free event planning process with Spiral.

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Are you tired of keeping track of addresses for holiday cards on multiple lists or spreadsheets? Spiral makes managing addresses a breeze. By importing your existing address book or sharing a Google Sheet directly with the app, you can easily convert your addresses to a Spiral Address Book. And the best part? The rest is magic! Instead of worrying about keeping everything organized, you can focus on spreading holiday cheer to your loved ones.

Learn how Spiral can help you send holiday cards

The arrival of a new baby is a momentous occasion! As a new parent, you want to share the news with loved ones. But with all the responsibilities that come with caring for an infant, designing and sending birth announcements may feel like one more task. Don’t worry – picking the right photo, finding the right words and including all the details need not be overwhelming.

Learn how Spiral can help you with birth announcements

Getting real-time notifications of birthdays and anniversaries is an incredibly beneficial way to stay connected with loved ones. Not only can you never forget a special day, but you can also plan ahead for the perfect gift or celebration. Real-time notifications give plenty of time to plan for the perfect surprise, ensuring that your loved ones will be delighted on their special day.

Spiral makes it easy to convert a PDF of a class list into a Spiral contact list. In only a few steps, you can create an easily-accessible and shareable contact list for you and your partner, or for other parents in the same class. With Spiral, you no longer need to rely on clunky PDFs that get lost in your email, but instead have efficient and simple contact lists that are always up to date.