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A cross-platform contact manager for your business

How it works

Collaboratively manage contacts with your team

We’ve reimagined how businesses manage their customer relationships by making it easier than ever to collaborate and share information with those who need it. Use Spiral’s online CRM system to share contacts and manage them together with your team.

Share business contacts with your team
Keep your contacts updates automatically

Keep business contacts updated automatically

Easily collect contact information by simply sending customers or prospects a link to fill out a form. Spiral can help you keep this information updated by reaching back out to your contacts when you’re ready.

Manage your business contacts with the ease of a spreadsheet

Our product simplifies contact management with its intuitive spreadsheet-like interface, allowing you to easily organize and manage your professional network. Perfect for small business owners, sales teams, and entrepreneurs who want to streamline their workflow and increase productivity.

Business contact management with the ease of a spreadsheet
Import contacts from your phone, Google Sheets and other tools​

Easily add contacts from your phone, upload a file, or add them on the go

Add contacts by importing them from a file, importing from a phone, or adding them manually. With these simple and efficient methods, you can easily build and manage your professional network all in one place.

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FAQ on Contact Management

Contact management is the process of organizing and managing information about the people and organizations that a business interacts with. This can include customers, clients, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Contact management is important because it allows businesses to keep track of their interactions with stakeholders, manage their relationships more effectively, and improve their overall efficiency and productivity. By organizing and centralizing contact information, businesses can easily access and use this data to support their marketing, sales, customer service, and other activities.

Some benefits of using a contact management system include:

  • Increased efficiency: By having all contact information in one place, businesses can save time and reduce duplication of effort.
  • Improved communication: Contact management systems can help businesses stay in touch with stakeholders more effectively, through targeted messaging and personalized interactions.
  • Enhanced customer service: With access to detailed contact information, businesses can better understand their customers’ needs and provide more personalized service.
  • Better decision-making: With insights into customer behavior and preferences, businesses can make more informed decisions about their marketing, sales, and other activities.
  • Increased sales: By tracking leads and prospects, businesses can improve their sales pipeline and convert more leads into customers.

Some features of a good contact management system include:

  • Centralized contact database: All contact information should be stored in one central location for easy access and management.
  • Easily keep information up to date: Always having the most up-to-date information is critical for your business. This makes it easy to stay connected, no matter how often your contacts change.
  • Integration with other tools: The system should integrate with other tools, such as email marketing or customer service software, to streamline workflows.

To get started with contact management, you can begin by identifying the key stakeholders you interact with and the types of information you need to collect and manage. You can then choose a contact management system that meets your needs and start inputting your contact information. It’s important to regularly update and maintain your contact database to ensure accuracy and relevance.