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Imagine if your phone contacts had all the relevant information for people you cared about, without you ever having to manage it yourself.

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Everyone manages their own information, so you don't have to 😎

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other life moments

Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses

Names of spouses or partners, children, and pets

Food allergies and dietary preferences

If you needed to find a friend’s address, birthday, name of their child or spouse, phone number, or email address, you would likely:

  • Look in your Contacts app for phone numbers and hope that you added notes
  • Realize you don’t have a great way to keep track of addresses and ask people over and over again
  • Rely on Facebook or your spouse/partner to remind you of birthdays
  • Scroll through Instagram hoping to find the name you can’t remember

With Spiral, everyone manages their own information and shares it with you, so you’ll never have to keep track of this on your own again!

Use Spiral whenever you:

  • Need someone’s address or contact information
  • Want to be informed of birthdays and anniversaries
  • Need the names of people’s family members
  • Want to stay connected with someone you just met

Use Spiral to update your friends and family when you:

  • Move to a new home
  • Get married, have a kid, or get a pet
  • Want people to know about food allergies or dietary preferences

Only you can give access to your personal information. When you give access, you can select what information you share with individual people, so you are always in control.

Spiral is the safest way for you to share personal information with your family and friends. You own your data. It’s never rented or sold, we don’t run any ads, and all of your data is encrypted.