Address book meets social network

Spiral is part social network, part address book. No cat videos, no weird political rants, just the information you need about the people in your life. 

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You don’t have to manage other people’s information​

With Spiral, everyone enters and manages their own information on their profile, so when they make an update it is instantly available to anyone that has access to it.

Everyone’s contact information in one place

Always stay informed when someone updates their profile with a new address, phone number, or email address.

Never forget the little things

You can keep track of your contacts birthdays, anniversaries, partner/spouse & children’s names, and even know the names of their pets.

Control what you share with your contacts

Spiral allows you to customize what you share with each person, so you are in complete control of who has access to your information.

We don’t sell your info to advertisers

Unlike other social networks that make money from advertisements, we are going to be offering advanced features in the future that will be part of a paid subscription. We will keep you posted!