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You never realize how hard it is to find the information you need about the people you’re close to, until you actually need it.

Apply to the Spiral Connector Club and help us reshape how groups of people privately share information with each other.

The mission is simple

Help us launch and test Spirals, which are mini-directories for groups of people to privately share information with each other.

Apply today to become a Connector
Create Spirals for the people in your life
  • Family
  • Friends (College, High School, Colleagues)
  • Neighborhood
  • Clubs & Teams
  • School & Parent Groups
Share ideas and feedback with our team

What's in it for you

As a thank you for exercising your connector superpowers, we’ll hook you up with:

Who should join the Connector Club?

If you’re the kind of person that people come to when they need information about someone, the person who starts group chats, organizes neighborhood events, spearheads family zoom calls and reunions, or some other related group activity that we haven’t described… apply today, and let’s talk!